Dagmara Głowacka

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Who am I

I was always able to listen to people and make them want and bring their dreams into reality, fulfill their targets at school, at work and in life. Some described this effect as “Dagmara’s magic”. It turned to be a transformation process.

What do I do?

Working with customers, I am creating situations, in which transformative experiences can occur. Situations can have a form of talks, discussions, coaching sessions, meetings, simulation games, workshops and special events.

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About effecsts

Transformujące doświadczenia wyzwalają w ludziach siłę do odkrywania i wykorzystywania nowych możliwości. Możliwości mogą dotyczyć nowych:


+48 501 043 575

Work practices

Customer service methods

Products, services

Technologies, solutions

Visions, strategies, business models

About the process

Transformation is a process of self-discovery and building the readiness:

  • To see ture about yourself
  • To accept, what needs to be accepted
  • To change, what needs to change.
The more you are aware of yourself, the easier it is to take appropriate action.

About you

If your answer on one of the following questions is "NO":

  • Are you living the life of your dreams?
  • Are you meeting your goals and using your potential in maximum?
  • Are you able to deal in efficient way with emotions in difficult situations?
  • Do you feel comfortable in all circumstances?
  • Do you see opportunities for development in faced adversities?


+48 501 043 575



+48 501 043 575



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